Investor Due Diligence and Tech Transfer Information Services

Testimonial Patrick G. MorandTechnology Assessments

Heparin RBC Weton BlotBIP customizes technology assessments for each client. Assessments typically include a review of the key risks and benefits of the technology as well as reviews of the research plan or operational plan as appropriate.


Market Evaluation and Competitor Analysis

Competitors ChartWe can provide the latest information available on the market and competitive landscape for pharmaceuticals (biotech or small molecule), medical devices, diagnostics, ag biotech, and other life science products.


Intellectual Property

BIP can search national and international patent databases for intellectual property within the scientific field of interest. While BIP and BIP’s partners are not patent attorneys and cannot offer any opinions of the legal standing of any patents or patent applications, BIP can provide an overview of other relevant technologies and researchers or companies in the field.


Financial Plan ReviewFinancial Chart

BIP’s affiliate reviews a company’s standard pro forma financials, such as balance sheet, five-year income statement, and statement of cash flow for discrepancies and potential deficits.


Grant Evaluations

Similar to our investor due diligence services, grant proposal evaluations can be customized to your institution and your areas of focus.