Primary and Secondary Market Research Services

Primary Research

Primary market research can take many and multiple forms at BIP. Our goal is to get the information you seek to answer your questions.

BIP has extensive experience identifying outside subject matter experts to review documents provided under a CDA and assess the technology.

We offer our clients the following possibilities to gather the primary market research they need:

  • Telephone and Internet-based customer, user, and patient surveys
  • Engagement of topic-specific opinion and analysis experts for critical reviews of the technology or disease of interest
  • In-person interviews

Secondary Research

We have experience analyzing and distilling published market reports, medical literature, and business journals to provide you with only the information that you truly need, specific to your product or indication.

Secondary Research – Markets

BIP’s information specialists search a variety of subscription-based databases, published market research reports, medical literature, and trade industry publications. Numerous data sources are searched in order to gather up-to-date analysis of potential markets and markets by geographic area.

Secondary Research – Competitors

BIP’s information specialists can search a variety of databases, journals, and publications for information on potential competitors to the technology or pharmaceutical under consideration.